Mattew N.Y.

At the time of this review I’ve taken Lessons from Takako-san for about 3-4 years, and I honestly can’t imagine learning Japanese any other way now. She’s extremely friendly and has a great way of explaining the material so it’s easy to understand . Along with textbook reviews, she’s taught me cultural and historical facts about Japan to truly help me understand the language. Japanese is more than just words, Japanese culture and lifestyles impact the language and how it’s used. She’s gone out of her way to recommend movies, shows, and reading material for me to enjoy outside of the lessons. Which we then review and dissect the language used through the multiple forms of media. Breaking down real life examples of the language has benefited me so much, in terms of Listening and Reading, but most of all Kanji retention. Picking up a volume of manga or a Japanese newspaper and reading something you never thought possible is so rewarding. Being able to turn away from your favorite anime and still understand the words being spoken without subtitles has brought me so much joy. Takako-san has made learning Japanese such a great experience and never stressful. I highly recommend Takako-san, If you have the time, and are serious about learning Japanese.

Interview with Matthew